In the 20th century, those artists most interested in the manipulation of the everyday, the Dadaists and Surrealists, seemed especially drawn to the chess piece as an object for redesign. The essential six playing pieces offered them both an opportunity to reshape the image of chess. A taste for chess was a sign of intelligence and, for artists, a claim of continuity with other types of intelligence.

So what might the 21st Century chess set look like?

Introducing Checkmate, a modern reinterpretation of the classical chess set. A signature piece for the home or office, Checkmate engages your sense of touch, intellect, and play.

Designed and made in Australia.


• Board - 16 (H) x 750 (L) x 750 (W) mm
• Pieces (H x Ø 80 base) mm
- King 300 | Queen 285 | Bishop 275 | Knight 265 | Rook 245 | Pawn 200
• Board - American Walnut
• Pieces - Chrome & matte black finish repurposed metal components & fixtures
Weight: TBC
Photography: Cedric Tourasse