The TANDEM Project returns for another year with a fresh selection of seven designers from Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. Initiated by ChristelH and He Made She Made, The TANDEM Project explores the way we as individuals make and create in collaboration with others.

A major emphasis of the project involved tracking the progress of each practice through studio visits, casual interviews and visual documentation, finalised with an exhibition and Q&A event to encapsulate the eight month collaborative journey. The final works included a range of furniture, product, lighting and objects that were unveiled at The Gaffa Gallery in Sydney in Oct-Nov 2015.

The second TANDEM edition featured interstate designers Alison Jackson, March Studio: Rigmarole, Hugh Altschwager and Daniel Lorrimer alongside Sydney locals Evie Group, Ben Wahrlich and Laura Lay.

Big thanks to our sponsors Indesign Media, Café Culture + Insitu, Esttar, Made From Good Deeds, Santoso Group, He Made She Made and the contributing designers.


TANDEM is a project that challenges the way we as individuals make and create in collaboration with others. Over the course of six months, seven innovative young design practices have been invited to develop two works :- one individually and one in tandem with another practice of their choosing.

Culminating in an annual exhibition of the project, these works will showcase the movement towards collaborative design, with the distilling of many ideas into a singular outcome. Experimental in nature, the project asks ’What is the role of the individual in collaborative projects?’‘What is the true nature of designing and producing?’ and most importantly, ‘Can we play nice?’

TANDEM is an initiative of design house ChristelH and He Made She Made.


The Tandem Project v.1
Cafe Culture + Insitu
He Made She Made
The Gaffa Gallery
Photography: Cedric Tourasse